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Vista Broadband combines the power of microwave wireless and Ethernet over fiber optic technology to bring ultra-high speed and reliability to our business customers. Vista Broadband offers a wide range of solutions with symmetrical* download and upload speeds ranging from 1Mbps to over 1Gbps!

* Download speeds and upload speeds match. EX: 10Mbps downloads with 10Mbps uploads.

Why Upload Speeds Matter

Every time you do anything on the net, you upload, or send data to the other computers. Most of the time this is a very small amount of data. However, upload speeds are very important if your business needs fall under any of these criteria:

  • Voice chat or Internet phone
  • Sending files of any size such as pictures or sounds attached to emails
  • Web cam activities/services
  • Uploading sound or picture files to groups or servers
  • Maintaining web pages
  • Sending files over chat or instant messengers
  • Performing online backups

Scalability, Reliability, Superior Service – The Vista Way

Vista Broadband is scalable at any time and our service package can be uniquely adjusted to meet your business' ever-changing communication needs. Vista Broadband delivers maximum reliability PLUS…

> Always-On Service

Bringing the highest reliability in high-speed Internet services straight to your door!

> Always-There Monitoring and Support

Proactive 24/7-365 days a year monitoring  and support of our infrastructure. This is our commitment to you. Our talented staff of Wireless Engineers are always on call to handle all your high-speed Internet service needs!

> One-Call Contact to Report Trouble and Resolve Problems

Vista Broadband Networks prides itself on our award winning, superior customer service and response. When you call Vista Broadband, you get a live Customer Advocate or Wireless Engineer to help you with your service needs.

What others are
saying about
Vista Broadband's

"In 2002 we were an emerging winery using the back room of our farm house as an office.  We needed Internet connection but no one in the then connection-remote Dry Creek Valley had this service.  Scott and his team at Vista Broadband came up with a cost-effective solution which we used for several years before relocating our office into Healdsburg.  During our move Scott's team again managed everything flawlessly.  On the few occasions over the years that we needed help they were always just a phone call away and their support response is rapid and effective.

We now run seven vineyards from which we produce fifteen wines, most of which are gold medal winners.  Our ability to effectively communicate with our customers via email and our website is vital. The way I see it everyone connects you to the same Internet so I would rather rely on Scott’s professional team at Vista Broadband than any other provider. I know they are always there for me."


"Simons & Woodard has worked with Vista Broadband for many years providing our Executive Offices reliable, high speed internet services. They are responsive, can solve our problems in a timely manner, and flexible with our growth needs. I would recommend Vista Broadband to other centers like ours."


"We've been using Vista Broadband for several years and they're great!  Their tech support and customer service personnel are extremely knowledgeable and responsive.  I would highly recommend them!"


> Speeds from 1 Mbps to 10 Gbps:
The Advantage of Vista's Highly Diverse Service

Vista Broadband offers fast - symmetrical Ethernet connections through a reinforced, highly redundant Microwave Wireless and Fiber-Optic infrastructure, all backed by Vista's privately owned backbone.


Vista's Microwave Wireless service provides businesses with speeds from 1Mbps to 100Mbps; increasing productivity and fulfilling requirements for video conferencing, VOIP, large file transfers, and remote workstation access (VPN). Designed for businesses that demand high reliability and supersonic speeds.

Blazing Fast!!

If those speeds aren't enough to meet your growing business needs, Vista Broadband now offers symmetrical Ethernet over fiber-optics ranging from 5 Mbps to 10 Gbps!

Custom Tailored Solutions For Your Business Needs!

Vista Broadband is dedicated to providing secure, reliable, and cost effective solutions that are easily scaled to meet your changing communication needs!!!

CLICK HERE or call 707-527-0545 for a Customer Advocate or Wireless Engineer! 

> Domain, Web and Email Hosting

Vista Broadband offers a complete range of web hosting and email services for almost every need. With a powerful and robust aggregation of pro actively monitored and maintained multiplatform technologies, Vista Broadband supplies features such as:

  • Customized E-mail Services (addressed with your domain name)
  • Anti-Spam Technology
  • Daily Data Backup
  • Redundant DNS
  • Streaming Media Services
  • SSL Ready Hosting Services for Secure Data Collection

> Dynamic or Static IP's

Vista Broadband offers Dynamic or Static IP solutions depending on your business needs.

> Spam Filtering

Vista Broadband is committed to providing you with excellent Spam filtering services. Our free, actively monitored and managed service utilizes several Anti-Spam servers within our head quarters to effectively rid up to 99% of unwanted mail!

> VPN & VoIP Ready

Vista Broadband provides the high speed services needed to support any VoIP system. Fast symmetrical download and upload speeds ensure that your VoIP systems operate efficiently and effectively. Vista's wireless engineers will work with you to identify and develop a solution appropriate for your growing business needs. Just plug and play!

Vista Broadband Networks VPN ready solutions can create an always-available, secure tunnel through the internet to any two locations your business needs. Remote users can have secure access to your network via easy to use client software to ensure productivity within a remote and secure environment!

> 24x7x365 Engineering Support

Vista Broadband Networks believes that customer support is an integral part of building customer relations. We encourage our customers to contact us with any problems, questions, or service addition requests they may have. We pride ourselves in prompt response to customer service needs. At Vista Broadband our networks are monitored 24x7x365 ensuring proactive, escalated monitoring on all elements throughout our Infrastructure up to the Customer Demarcation point. With diligent and continual monitoring of our Highly Diverse network infrastructure, our technical team works to ensure the highest reliability and service for your business's connectivity needs. Utilizing state of the art monitoring systems, Vista Broadband's technical staff monitors all points of our network to identify and remedy any potential service interrupting issues before they become detectable by the customer.

> Disaster Preparedness Solutions

Vista Broadband not only puts firm belief into the ideals of being proactive, we also apply it to the fullest with our Highly Diverse, novel architecture that provides seamless rerouting of network traffic to avoid any nature instigated or man-made interruption to ensure that all customers receive uninterrupted service. Through careful analysis and design, our infrastructure boasts a powerful, automated failover system that keeps you connected while our staff works to repair any problems in the field.

> Custom Transport Builds

Vista Broadband's commitment to unique adaptive solutions has ranked our company above the best. From providing custom builds to supply service to anyone from wineries out in the country to building a custom network for a business with multi-locations, Vista Broadband has the right solution to fit your custom needs.

We encourage you to contact our friendly, professional and highly qualified Wireless Engineers to work with you to analyze, understand and develop a custom solution that is completely tailored to you and your business's needs!

> Multi-Tenant Building Set-Ups

Vista Broadband now tailors services for Multiple Tenant Units (MTU). In any market, adding value to a leasing space with minimal expense, minimal impact on staff, and property is critical for making a property stand out. Vista Broadband offers customized services tenants want, including High Speed Broadband Internet Access, LAN/WAN and full ISP services that can increase the property value.

> VistaHD© - Highly Diverse Redundancy Solutions

Vista Broadband offers a Highly Diverse (HD) package that incorporates true diverse media and geographically diverse paths from your facility through our infrastructure and into the internet backbone at speeds and reliability second to none. This is accomplished with an award winning tested architecture that strategically utilizes two very powerful technologies; carrier class wireless equipment and a powerful, robust physical fiber connection.

To further reinforce our commitment to provide reliable Internet access for your company’s success, Vista offers 24/7 built-in technical services for our business customer solutions.

All of Vista Broadband’s HD solutions include a fully configured and serviced high-end Cisco router that provides true end to end managed services as part of our bid and services. The most advanced, yet simple and elegant design is incorporated to assure seamless and automatic switchover from one media to the other for both inbound and outbound traffic. Vista Broadband’s HD service configuration will not only provide for uninterrupted onsite access to the Internet, it will also provide for your onsite IP's to be always available to the outside Internet world, seamlessly and smoothly while using classic, proven static DNS entries for the IPs.

> Event Services

Whether your organization participates in events once a year or each month, Vista Broadband can bring Internet access to your location for any duration of time. Vista Broadband's services are tailored to fit your event needs and engineered to provide you with critical services such as:

  • On-site transactions
  • On-site network camera for still shots or streaming video
  • On-site Internet for file transfers, wireless hot-spots and more

You'll appreciate the flexibility and professionalism of our technical staff as we work to empower you during your event!

> Service Level Agreements (where available)

Vista Broadband stands behind the services offered so that our customers can be assured that connectivity will be available to them 24x7x365 with minimal, if any, service outages. Vista Broadband provides industry-leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that are built around business uptime requirements and is offered to high end business users, where available. These unmatched SLAs are particularly valuable as enterprises move toward high-demand Internet applications such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP),streaming audio or video, and real-time e-commerce. This proactive guarantee covers a broad range of industry metrics, from network availability to packet loss and latency.